Pump and Dump

coin creation and trading game

How to play

"Pump and Dump" is a cryptocurrency trading game that lets you create or buy coins in a virtual trading market. The aim of the game is to create a coin or buy one when the price is low.

Once you own a coin, go and promote that coin to others online. When they buy, the market value increases. When the value is high enough, sell your coin back for real money!

blockchain technology

"Pump and Dump" uses blockchain technology to operate, so everything is open source and secure. The back end code can be found here.

A web3 compliant browser, or Portis account is needed to use the dapp. You will also need Ether to buy or create coins. Learn more about ethereum here .

The small print

Coins created in this game are not actual cryptocurrencies.

Dev fees are 1% of coin trades, and 90% of coin creation costs.